Editors Note: the following is transcribed from the tattered remains of notes believed to be incorporated within, or somehow addressed to, a “Palimpsest”. They were found beneath the ruins of a run-down old shack in the middle of the scary woods. No evidence of the author’s survival had been recovered to date.

until Now.

It was only due to the unexpected survival of that author – it was I – that the truth has come to light. Undeniable correlations to my inspirational writing style have led to the prosecution and incarceration of the contemptible hack who stole these passages and passed them off as his own work. They are now included here as a kind of return to their rightful place at my side, with some minor revisions.

To enjoy them in their original order, scroll down to the bottom and work your way up – or click here for Part One. I wouldn’t want you to spoil the surprise and find out if I liked The Da Vinci Code or not right at the beginning.