Well, well, well. It’s been a while.

I’d like to write a little about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, but some things are best kept secret until the right time – suffice it to say, I’m back, and the chances of my suddenly coming into a rather significant sum of money (and therefore my chances of a breakout literary success when I spend it via this rather interesting publishing web-company I’ve been researching) have just taken quite the springboard.

How come? Get a load of this:


I am Barr. Koffi Frank Jaja by name and iam writing you in respect of my deceased client Late Mr.F.N.Knoetz, who died On the 21st of April 2000 along with his entire family on car a accident,without keeping any WILL .

And i have been trying to locate any family member of his family to assist in repartrating the fund he deposited in AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK Lome-Togo in West Africa valued USD$14million but failed.

Please send me these information below through my private email address so that i can give you the full details concerning the claim because as it stands now,this claim depends in the same last name you are bearing with my late client.


I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and please excuse me if this is an embrassment to you..OK

God bless you.

Best Regards.

Barr.Koffi Frank Jaja Esq.

Private email to reach me confidentially : koffijaja(at)hotmail.com

Well. Or should I say, will. I was a little put off by his too-familiar greeting – no-one calls me “dear” except Mother – but after that everything started looking better and better (although I have no desire to be gilded, either with gold or mere alloys). Anyway, after bouncing a few emails back and forth my deposit is in the post, and I literally can’t wait to hear how much $14 million dollars is in good old British sterling. I’ll keep you posted.