Maybe you once read something your eyes wished you’d never seen.

Maybe the only way for you to sleep at night, ever again, is to share your pain.

If you know of an unpardonable crime, and no-one else in the airport lounge can help, maybe you can call…

Don Brawn.

Let him handle it, he’s the professional.


[I put this page here by way of being a guest book, in case that wasn't
clear, so if you wanted to join the thriving community Sera of my
readership, only without doing it as a comment to a specific post, that
would be okay and you can do it here ~ from Cliff]
[Ps: You can email me at nohspaces-at-gmail-dot-com. Don't be offended
if no-one answers - I never pick up. You can never tell who's calling...]

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