Agent Don Brawn was busted out of the service for being too damn much of a damn loose cannon, and there’s nothing any damn chief could do to change that. He was just too real for them to deal with, but he wasn’t about to let anything as meaningless and downright unAmerican as that halt him in his unstoppable quest to put an end to the ceaseless machinations of a world gone rogue. Since going underground Brawn has taken the fight to the enemy direct. He’s pledged to take them down, one at a time, if it takes the rest of his life – but he ‘s just one man against an ever strengthening army whose ranks are growing every day. Agent Don Brawn is our only hope – let him handle it, he’s the professional.

– o –

Before becoming a Literary Agent, Cliff Knoetz was fired from the library service for ignoring DDS guidelines. Unable to continue his fight against the Dewey Decimal Systematic abuse of speculative fiction categorising for financial reasons, he elected to fight the evils of the publishing industry from the relative comfort of being within it, securing a position as a reader of unsolicited manuscripts for a major player in the world print field. Realising that this constant exposure to incompetent thriller writing had made him a master of the form he began moonlighting as a writer himself, soon hitting pay dirt gold with the creation of Agent Don Brawn, the thrilling hero of a string of novels in waiting. Until the time when he takes his rightful place far, far above the likes of Dan Brown or the writers of the Left Behind series, he will continue in his struggle to cull the ranks of those he calls the “semi-literate dross-sploogers” that plague all our in-boxes to this day. He has recently begun a “publishing facilitation” business to help the deserving few, himself included, achieve their creative remuneration.

Cliff’s sole and greatest weakness is his touch typing, most commonly resulting in the misspelling of “heroes” as “herpes”. He is always quick to reasure potential fans that this is a slip of the finger and not of the tongue, nor is it some kind of Fruedian Slip.

– o –

2011 update: proving his own existance, Cliff was proud to see his name (and email excerpt) at the end of this story in The Freethinker, a fine provider of bad news.